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7 rue Dupleix, Pondicherry





now 3 Nehru Street. The house, where Madame (the Mother) and Monsieur Richard lived in June 1914. It was in this house that Amrita first saw the Mother. In a draft letter to Saurin Sri Aurobindo wrote: “We have changed the name of the review from the New Idea to the Arya... The address of the Review will be 7 Rue Dupleix & subscriptions should be sent to the Manager, Arya at that address. This is the house that has been found for M and Madame Richard; they have not occupied it yet but will do so within a week or so. It is Martin’s house over on the other side of the street just near to the Governor’s. It is also to be the headquarters of the Review & the Society, at least for the present...”


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SOURCE OF THE PHOTO: Archives and Research: A biannual journal.- Volume 13, No1 (1989, April).- 120 p. Plate 4.