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Dilip Kumar Roy

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Dilip Kumar Roy (22 January 1897 – 6 January 1980), a well-known musician and vocalist who specialised in Dhrupad, Khayal, and devotional music; also an author and a poet. He was an author of 75 books in Bengali and 26 books in English.

He was born at the one of the most aristocratic families of Bengal. His father, Dwijendralal Ray (19.07.1863 – 17.05.1913), was the Bengali poet, playwright, and composer. On his father’s side, the family descended from one of the apostles of the medieval Bengali saint Sri Chaitanya. His mother Surabala Devi (?-1903) was the daughter of distinguished homeopath physician Pratap Chandra Majumdar. His sister — Maya Devi.

He joined the Presidency College of Calcutta. Here he came close to Subhas Chandra Bose. With a first class honours in mathematics, he went to Cambridge in 1919 for a tripos. In 1920, in addition to the first part of his tripos, he passed also, the examination in Western music. Along with his lessons in piano, he grew fluent in French, German and Italian, before leaving for Germany and Italy to pursue his studies in music. Roy met personalities like Romain Rolland, Bertrand Russell, Hermann Hesse, Georges Duhamel. From Vienna, invited by president Masaryk, Roy visited Prague, on his way to Budapest, Rome, Florence and Naples, to discover the heart of the tradition of European music.

 At 1923 he knew on Sri Aurobindo’s workings. At 1924 he visited Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherri and talked with him, but did not got permit to stay. After a second visit to Europe, in August 1928, he returned to Pondicharry and was here till 1952. During this period he was occasionally subject to fits of doubt, restiveness and even rebellion. Sri Aurobindo wrote to him, “It is a strong and lasting personal relation that I have felt with you ever since we met and even before and it is only that that has been the base of all the outward support, consideration, care and constant helping endeavour which I have always extended towards you and which could not have arisen from any tepid impersonal feeling. On my side that relation is not likely to change ever. Even before I met you for the first time, I knew of you and felt at once the contact of one with whom I had that relation which declares itself constantly through many lives and followed your career (all that I hear about it) with a close sympathy and interest. It is a feeling which is never mistaken and gives the impression of one not only close to one but a part of one’s existence... The relation that is so indicated always turns out to be that of those who have been together in the past and were predestined to join again (though the past circumstances may not be known) drawn together by old ties. It was the same inward recognition (apart even from the deepest spiritual connection) that brought you here. If the outer consciousness does not fully realise this, it is because of the crust always created by a new physical birth that prevents it. But the soul knows all the while.”

A few years after leaving the Ashram and on returning from a world tour, accompanied by his disciple Indira Devi, he founded the Hari Krishna Mandir in 1959 at Pune. Here he died on 6 January 1980.



In English

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Among the great: conversations with Sri Aurobindo, Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Romain Rolland, Bertrand Russell

•   .— Bombay: Nalanda Publications, 1945.— xx p., 4 l., 5-330 p. front., ports. 22 cm.— SERIES: Nalanda publications.— NOTES: "First published 1945.". Label mounted on t.p.: sole distributors, Vora & Co., Publishers Ltd.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Chaitanya and Mira: two plays

•   .— [Pondicherry]: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1979.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Eyes of light poems

•   .— Bombay, Nalanda [1948]

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Hark! his flute: poems and translations

•   .— Poona : Hari Krishna Mandir, [foreword 1972]

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Ramakrishna

Immortals of the Bhagavat, or Nectar of immortality, and Sri Ramkrishna’s parables

•   .— Agra, Lakshmi Narain Agarwal [1957?]

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Indira Devi

Kumbha; India’s ageless festival

•   .— Chaupatty, Bombay, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1955.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Mira in Brindaban: a play in two acts

•   .— [Poona, M.J. Shabani, 1961]

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Indira Devi

Miracles do still happen: a novel

•   .— Bombay: India Book House; Poona: Available from Hari Krishna Mandir, 1984.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Netaji, the man; reminiscences

•   : Biography.— Bombay, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1966.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Pilgrims of the stars: autobiography of two yogis

•   .— Porthill, ID: Timeless Books, 1985.— xiii, 406 p.: ports.; 21 cm.— NOTES: Includes bibliographical references and index.— ISBN: 0931454107 (pbk.)

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Six illuminates of modern India

•   : Biography.— Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1982.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Sri Aurobindo and Rabindranath

•   // Banasthali Patrika, Rajasthan, India. Article in: vol. 17-18, for 1971-72.— PAGES: 106-13.— LANGUAGE: Englis

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Sri Aurobindo Came to Me: reminiscences

•   .— Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, 1952.— xxv, 556 p. 19 cm.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Subhash I knew

•   .— Bombay: Nalanda Publications, 1946.

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Indira Devi

The beggar princess: a historical drama in five acts

•   .— Allahabad: Kitab Mahal, [1955?]

Roy, Dilip Kumar

The Bhagavad Gita: a revelation

•   Hind Pocket Books.– ISBN: 812160284X

Roy, Dilip Kumar

The Dynamic Absolute: A Preface to Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Advaita

•   .— 165 pp.— Rs 125.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

The flame and the flute: a mystic novel

•   .— Pune: Hari Krishna Mandir Trust; Calcutta: Best Books, 2001.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

The flute calls still: Letters on yoga

•   .— Poona: I. Niloy, [1964]

Roy, Dilip Kumar

The rounding off: Biography

•   .— Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1983.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

The sun shines, sometime somewhere: Biography

•   .— Kolkata: New Central Book agency, 2008.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

The upward spiral: a novel

•   .— Bombay, New York, Jaico Pub. House [1949]

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Wings and bonds: [Fiction]

•   .— Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1978.

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Sri Krishna Prem

Yogi Sri Krishnaprem

•   .— Bombay, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1968.

In German

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Indira Devi

Der Weg der großen Yogis = Pilgrims of the stars

•   .– [Frankfurt a. M.] : Suhrkamp, 1977.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Sri Aurobindo kam zu mir = Sri Aurobindo Came to Me

•   : (Erinnerungen).– Translated from English into German.– Frankfurt am Main: Fischer-Taschenbuch-Verlag, 1978.

In Bengali

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Aghatana ājo ghate: Fiction

•   Kalikātā, Ānanda, 1956

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Aghaṭanera ghaṭā: Fiction

•   Kalikātā, Iṇḍiẏāna Ayāsosiẏeṭeḍa Pābaliśiṃ Koṃ [1965]

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Aghaṭanera pūrbarāga.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Aghaṭanī galpamālā

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Bhattacharya, Gauri Shankar

Āmāra bandhu Subhāṣa

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Anāmikā sūryamukhī

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Bhābi eka haẏa āra: Fiction

•   .— Kalikātā, Iṇḍiẏāna Pābaliśiṃ [1964]

Roy, Dilip Kumar


•   .— Kalikātā, Iṇḍiẏāna Ayāsosiẏeṭeḍa Pābaliśiṃ Koṃ [1964]

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Chāẏāpathera pathika: Fiction

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Dharmabijńana o Sriarabinda

•   .— 1970.— 9, 396 p.— NOTES: "Art for art's sake, by Sri Aurobindo": p. [392]-396.

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Rabindranath Tagore

Dhūsare raṅina

•   .— Kalikātā, Bisvabāṇī Prakāśanī [1967]

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Sudhīra Cakrabartī

Dilīpakumāra Rāya: smṛti-bismṛtira śatabarṣa: Biography

•   .— Kalikātā: Dhrupada: Paribeśaka Pustaka Bipaṇi, 1997.

Roy, Dilip Kumar


Roy, Dilip Kumar


Roy, Dilip Kumar

Madhu muralī

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Pākhā o bāṅdhana: Fiction

•   .— Kalikātā, Ānanda, 2006

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Patitā o patitapābana: Fiction

•   .— Kalikātā, Surakābya Saṃsada, 1978

Roy, Dilip Kumar


Roy, Dilip Kumar; Bāridabaraṇa Ghoṣa; Ujjvalakumāra Majumadāra


•   Kalikātā, Ānanda Pābaliśārsa, 1997

Roy, Dilip Kumar

ṛṣi, kabi, guṇī, śilpī

•   .— Calcutta: Kalikata Bisvabidyalaya, 1978.— 81 p.; 23 cm.— SERIES: Dvijendra baktrtamala.— NOTES: Includes bibliographical references.

Roy, Dilip Kumar


•   .— Calcutta: Kalikātā Biśvabidyālaẏa, 1938.

Roy, Dilip Kumar


Roy, Dilip Kumar

Smṛticāraṇe mahāyogī Anirbāṇa: Biography

•   .— Kalikātā: Haimabatī: paribeśaka Śrīarabinda Pāṭhamandira, 1979.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Smṛti joẏāre dukūla cheẏe: Biography

•   .— Kalikātā: Surakābya ṭrāsaṭ, 1992.

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Smṛtira śeṣa pātāẏa: Biography

Roy, Dilip Kumar


•   .— Kalikātā: Surakābya Saṃsada, 1376 [i.e., 1970]

Roy, Dilip Kumar


Roy, Dilip Kumar

Yugaṛśi Srīarabinda

•   .— 1967.— 15, 269 p. 23 cm.— NOTES: Romanized.

In Gujarati

Roy, Dilip Kumar; Indira Devi; Ramaṇa Sonī

Baṃsī āje Paṇa baje che

•   .— Rājkota: Paravīṇa Pusataka Bhaṃdāra, 1991.

In Hindi

Roy, Dilip Kumar


•   Kalikātā: Iṇḍiẏāna Ayāsosiẏeṭeḍa Pābaliśiṃ Koṃ [1965]

Roy, Dilip Kumar

Sri chaitanya: a drama in three acts

•   .— Pondicherry: Sri aurobindo ashram, [1950]

In Spanish

Roy, Dilip Kumar

In Spanish

Sri Aurobindo vino a mi: Reminiscencias = Sri Aurobindo Came to Me: Reminiscences

•   Translated from English into Spanish

In Russian