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The Mother
Other recitations, speeches,

100-anniversary of Sri Aurobindo


A New Birth: An Interview of the Mother with Surendra Nath Jauhar


Charter of Auroville


Honesty is indispensable for Yoga


I want to mark this day by the expression of a long cherished wish


It is not the number of days — 90 years


No human will can finally prevail against the Divine Will


O India! Land of Light and Spiritual Knowledge


On Sri Aurobindo: A Message for broadcast by All India Radio, Tiruchirappalli

What Sri Aurobindo represents in the history of the earth's spiritual progress is not a teaching, not even a revelation. It is a mighty action straight from the Supreme

Agenda 1961, 18 February


Questions and answers

—How can humanity become one?

—By becoming conscious of its origin.


—What is the way of making the consciousness of human unity grow in man?

—Spiritual education, that is to say an education which gives more importance to the growth of the spirit than to any religious or moral teaching or to the material so-called knowledge.


—What is a change of consciousness?

—A change of consciousness is equivalent to a new birth, a birth into a higher sphere of existence.


—How can a change of consciousness change the life upon earth?

—A change in human consciousness will make possible the manifestation upon earth of a higher Force, a purer Light, a more total Truth.

The Mother.
Collected Works of the Mother in 17 volumes.-
Volume 15. - Words of the Mother)


The Reminiscence will be short

The reminiscences will be short. I came to India to meet Sri Aurobindo, I remained in India to live with Sri Aurobindo, when he left his body I continued to live here in order to do his work which is by serving the Truth and enlightening humanity to hasten the rule of the Divine's Love upon earth.

Agenda, January 27, 1968


The Reminiscence will be short (var.)


The Mother speaks in French


The Mother speaks in French


The Mother speaks in French


Sri Aurobindo withdrew from politics: A Declaration

Sri Aurobindo withdrew from politics; and, in his Ashram, a most important rule is that one must abstain from all politics — not because Sri Aurobindo did not concern himself with the happenings of the world, but because politics, as it is practised, is a low and ugly thing, wholly dominated by falsehood, deceit, injustice, misuse of power and violence; because to succeed in politics one has to cultivate in oneself hypocrisy, duplicity and unscrupulous ambition.

The indispensable basis of our Yoga is sincerity, honesty, unselfishness, disinterested consecration to the work to be done, nobility of character and straight-forwardness. They who do not practise these elementary virtues are not Sri Aurobindo’s disciples and have no place in the Ashram. That is why I refuse to answer imbecile and groundless accusations against the Ashram emanating from perverse and evil-intentioned minds.

Sri Aurobindo always loved deeply his Motherland. But he wished her to be great, noble, pure and worthy of her big mission in the world. He refused to let her sink to the sordid and vulgar level of blind self-interests and ignorant prejudices. This is why, in full conformity to his will, we lift high the standard of truth, progress and transformation of mankind, without caring for those who, through ignorance, stupidity, envy or bad will, seek to soil it and drag it down into the mud. We carry it very high so that all who have a soul may see it and gather round it.


To celebrate the birth of a transitory body

To celebrate the birth of a transitory body can satisfy some faithful feelings. To celebrate the manifestation of the eternal Consciousness can be done at every moment of the universal history. But to celebrate the advent of a new world, the supramental world, is a marvelous and exceptional privilege.


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