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Sri Aurobindo

Rig Veda and other Scriptures

Works dealing with Sanskrit


Sri Aurobindo


Ekamevādvitiyaṃ brahma śri aravindopajñā upaniṣad = One Without a Second [1910-1914] // A&R.– Volume 2, No2 (1978, December), pp.182-183


Rig Veda and other Scriptures


Rig Veda: Sanskrit texts (Samhita and Padapatha) with audio-records and infrotmation from anukramaṇīs

Rigveda Padanam: complete alphabet list of words of Rik Veda

Bhagavad Gita : Audio, original text in Sanskrit and translation compiled mainly from Sri Aurobindo’s Essays on the Gita

The translation of the Gita presented here was compiled mainly from Sri Aurobindo’s Essays on the Gita. It first appeared in The Message of the Gita, edited by Anilbaran Roy, in 1938. Sri Aurobindo approved this book for publication; however, he made it clear in one of his letters that the translations in the Essays were “more explanatory than textually precise or cast in a literary style”. Many of them are paraphrases rather than strict translations. Sri Aurobindo also wrote that he did not wish extracts from the Essays “to go out as my translation of the Gita”. This should be borne in mind by the reader as he mattes use of this translation, which has been provided as a bridge between the Gita and Sri Aurobindo’s Essays.


Works dealing with Sanskrit


Источники арийской речи = The Origins of Aryan Speech: Сборник / Перев. с англ. и составление М.Г. Дмитриева.– Россия: AUROBINDO.RU, 2017.– 105 с.

Wikner, Charles

A Practical Sanscrit Introductory: 15 Lessons [a primary course for the English-speaking students].– 1996.– 145 p.

Monier Monier-Williams

A Sanskrit-English Dictionary: etymologically and philologically arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European languages.– 1st Edition. Published by Oxford University Press, 1899.– Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Private Limited, 1997.– 1334 p.– ISBN 81-208-0069-9.– Rs.700

Елизаренкова Т.Я.

Ведийский язык / АН СССР. Ин-т Востоковедения.– М.: Наука, 1987.– 182 с.– (Серия “Языки народов Азии и Африки”)

Кочергина В.А.

Санскритско-русский словарь: Около 30 000 слов / Под ред. В.И. Кальянова. С приложением “Грамматического очерка санскрита” А.А. Зализняка.– Изд.2-е, испр. и доп.– М.: Русский язык, 1987.– 944 с.

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