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Volume 2


(Regarding the ego and the ancient religious initiations which taught: “You are That” or “You are the All.)

A moment comes when self-observation is no longer possible.

Even in these expressions “All is You” or “You are the All” (and the same holds for “You are the Divine” or “The Divine is you”), there is still something watching.

A moment comes – it comes in flashes and doesn't easily remain – when it's the All who thinks, the All who knows, the All who feels, the All who lives. There's not even – not even – the feeling that you have reached this state.

Then it is good.

But up to this point there is still a small corner [of the “I”] somewhere – generally the observer, the witness who is watching.


I don't know if it's worth keeping this. Or rather let's keep it for later. It's a little too much.... We have to go by stages.

It's not correct to say that you know you have no more ego. The only correct thing would be to affirm that you are ON THE WAY to having no more ego.1


1 This fragment possibly dates from 1958.









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