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The Mother


Volume 2

February 28, 1961

I have brought you the exact text of that sentence on Sri Aurobindo I told you about the other day.1 It was in reply to a letter....

You know this mental habit (which people take for mental superiority!) of lumping everything together on the same level: all the teachings, all the prophets, all the sects, all the religions. You know the habit: “We are not prejudiced, we have no preferences – it's all the SAME THING.” A dreadful muddle!

It's one of the biggest mental difficulties of this age.

Anyway, in reply to this nonsense, I have said: “Your error, to be precise, is that you go to the Theosophical Society, for example, with the same opening as to the Christian religion or to the Buddhist doctrine or with which you read one of Sri Aurobindo's books – and as a result, you are plunged into a confusion and a muddle and you don't understand anything about anything.”

And then the reply came to me very strongly; something took hold of me and I was, so to say, obliged to write: What Sri Aurobindo represents in the world's history is not a teaching, not even a revelation; it is a decisive action direct from the Supreme.2

It's not from me. It came from there (gesture upwards). But it pleased me.


1 See conversation of February 18: “Sri Aurobindo is an Action...”


2 Mother added: And I am just trying to fulfill that action.









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