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The Mother


Volume 2

July 12, 1961

(Regarding the last conversation, where Mother spoke of divine Perfection and of the series of invocations in her japa imploring the Lord to manifest his various aspects.)

...But Perfection is only one side, one special way of approaching the Divine. There are innumerable sides, angles, aspects – innumerable ways to approach the Divine. When I am walking, for example, doing japa, I have the sense of Unity (I have spoken to you of all the things I mention when I am upstairs walking: will, truth, purity, perfection, unity, immortality, eternity, infinity, silence, peace, existence, consciousness – the list goes on). And when one follows a particular tack and does succeed in reaching or approaching or contacting the Divine, one realizes through experience that these many approaches differ only in their most external forms – the contact itself is identical. It's like looking through a kaleidoscope – you revolve around a center, a globe, and see it under various aspects; but as soon as the contact is established, it's identical.

The number of approaches is practically infinite. Each one senses the path which accords with his temperament.

This japa, you know, didn't at all come from here (Mother points to her head). It's something I received fully formed, and to such an extent that I couldn't even change the place of a single thing – a will seemed to oppose any change. It's a long series unfolding according to a law that probably corresponds to what is needed to develop this consciousness and the work it has to do (I suppose – I don't really know and I haven't tried to know). But a sort of law makes it impossible to change the position of even a single word, because these are not words – they are fully formed states of consciousness. And the whole series culminates with:

“Manifest Your Love.”

This is the highest summit of the possibility of manifestation.

That's what I wanted to say.

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