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The Mother


Volume 2

August 8, 1961

X has written expressing his “gratitude for all the revelations OF THE SUPREME” he has had during his meditations with me.

This is something new he has accepted, because the Supreme doesn't usually appear in tantrism – they are in contact with the Shakti and don't bother about the Supreme. But here he has come to accept it.

He has tried very hard to understand. But his spiritual conception has remained like this: one can – one MUST – master life, and in life, to some extent, a certain adaptation to the higher forces can be achieved; but there is no question of transformation: the physical world remains the physical world. It can be a little better organized, more harmonious, but there is no question of something else, of divinization – no question at all.

And this is probably why there are things he can't make out in his contact with me, because he simply doesn't understand. For example, these physical disorders baffle him, they seem incompatible with my realization. As long as the question of transformation does not come into play, the realization I had was sufficient to establish a kind of very stable order – reaction against the transformative will is what causes these disorders. And this he does not understand – to him something seems not to be functioning properly. He must feel a contradiction between certain things he perceives in my consciousness and my contact with the material world. “This being this,” he thinks, “that ought to be like that; so why...?” He doesn't understand.1


1 X's astonishment raises an extremely important point, drawing the exact dividing line between all the traditional yogas and the new yoga of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. To a tantric, for example, it seems unthinkable that Mother, with a consciousness so powerful as to scoff at the laws of nature and command the elements (if she wishes), could be subjected to absurd head colds or an eye hemorrhage or even more serious disorders. For him, it is enough to simply lift a finger and emit a vibration which instantly muzzles the disorder – yes, of course, but for Mother it is not a question of “curing” a head cold by imposing a higher POWER on Matter, but of getting down to the cellular root and curing or transforming the source of the evil (which causes death as easily as head colds, for it is the same root of disorder). It is not a question of imposing oneself on Matter through a “power,” but of transforming Matter. Such is the yoga of the cells.









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