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The Mother


Volume 4

June 12, 1963

There was something happening.... I was brushing it away when something said to me, “If you don't tell this to Satprem, it will be lost forever.” But I was already erasing it, so now I don't remember what it was....

It was last night, in the middle of the night.

(silence, Mother tries to remember, the clock strikes)

It was a rather acute sensation that when the world, the earth, goes from one state to another, there is a sort of transition; it is always like a ridge between two mountains (gesture of a precarious balance), and there is a very perilous moment when the slightest thing can cause a catastrophe – which means a lot of things would have to be built anew. The same phenomenon exists too on a very small scale, for individuals, in the sense that when they go from one state of consciousness – a collection of states which constitutes their individuality – to a higher state, or when they introduce into their state an element that will yield a higher synthesis, there is always a dangerous period when a catastrophe is possible. And the sensation I had last night was that the earth is now going through one such period of transition, and there is – there was or there is – a possibility of catastrophe.


So if one can keep one's balance (it's almost a question of balance) and not fall on this side or that, if one can keep one's balance and get through that moment, then there could be a whole period of normal development which would be very harmonious.

(long silence)

It is a law of progress: whether the progress of the worlds, of the spheres, or individual progress, it's the same thing, though on different scales. I have a feeling that we are in one of those periods.

One must be very careful to keep one's balance.

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