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The Mother


Volume 4

August 13, 1963

(Regarding an old “Playground Talk” of 1950 and noted from memory by a disciple, which Mother asks Satprem to scrap. The subject was Nirvana, which one was to reach – or so the notation said – by withdrawing all one's energies into the psychic being or soul.)

None of that is true!

In the first place, we should say that each realm has an energy of its own. But what people generally feel as energy is vital energy; and vital energy... (hem!) is vital! Therefore to say that those who withdraw withdraw all their energies and consciousness into the psychic to attain Nirvana is nonsense!

There is a nirvana behind the vital, a nirvana behind the psychic, a nirvana behind the mind; there is a nirvana on every level, even behind the physical – it's death. And those who withdraw, who try to attain Nirvana, NEVER go into the psychic – the psychic is something essentially linked to divine manifestation, not to divine nonintervention, not to Nirvana.

All that is fit for the wastepaper basket!1


1 It may be mentioned that at the time, Satprem had undertaken the systematic publication of the older Questions and Answers (Mother's talks at the Ashram Playground), which is why they will come up now and then in the Agenda.









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