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The Mother


Volume 4

September 21, 1963

(During the conversation, Mother envisages the possibility of reading out a message, if any comes to her, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the Supramental Manifestation, on February 29, 1964. Then she adds:)

...Provided I can speak.


Yes, I was kindly informed that I won't be able to speak any more.

What do you mean?

Oh, the adverse forces always make all sorts of suggestions. I was told that I will lose the use of speech – (laughing) that'll be all the better for everyone!

(Satprem does not seem too appreciative)

This is how it happened: the other day, the doctor brought some canaries, a cage of canaries to show me. All over the world, canaries whistle, they come and go and are very active... but here, nothing at all! The doctor put the cage on the window sill and I came near to see them – they were absolutely dumb, huddled at the bottom of their cage as though paralyzed. I tried to whistle (I could whistle very well in the past): not a sound! Then I was kindly told, “You can't whistle any more, you can't sing any more, and soon you won't be able to speak any more.” Voilà.

I must have a funny effect on animals, because the other day, little M. came to see me with a tiny squirrel in a padded box (it was a very tiny thing). He took it out of its box and showed it to me; I stroked it – gone! Asleep in trance!

Oh, they don't feel unhappy, they're very happy (!) but it's too strong for them. So they fall asleep or are immobilized like those canaries. At the end, the doctor began to worry about his birds and asked me, “But what's happening? At home, they whistle all day long!” I answered (laughing), “Yes, here it's something else!” He took his cage, and just as he was going, the canaries shook themselves, whistled a few little notes and off they went!

Anyhow we'll see. I hear all manner of things.

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