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The Mother


Volume 4

October 30, 1963

(On the occasion of Satprem's birthday Mother writes the following message.)

“A day shall come when all the beautiful dreams will become real, with a reality far more marvelous than anything we can dream of.

With our love and blessings.”

I've put it into French, but it's something Sri Aurobindo said for you!

I put “our,” it's deliberate.

And he said with assurance, “Do tell him this, let him not forget that all the most beautiful, the most marvelous, the most fantastic things we have dreamed of are nothing compared to what will be realized” – and yet that will be the realization of all dreams. But far more perfect, more marvelous, more complete, more living.

The other day I wondered, “What am I going to tell him?” And he immediately answered me, “Tell him this.”

Yes, it well be that way.

Yes! It's obvious.

in French

in German