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The Mother


Volume 6

September 22, 1965

What's the next aphorism?

It's on silence.

Silence... Oh, it's better to practice that than talk about it.

That's an experience I had here long ago: the difference between wanting immediately to spread and use what one has learnt, and, by contrast, the contact with higher knowledge in which one remains as still as possible so it may have a transforming effect.

We'll talk about it again another time.

The scientific mind is sure of its knowledge only if it is applied, put into practice, and if it yields useful results. That's what they call “knowledge” (!)

*   *

Have you read the report of the United Nations session?

Yes, about the cease-fire?1

I haven't read it: I have been told about it. But through certain things, I have been put in contact,2 and they seem to be a united expression of universal falsehood.

Their common ground is petty schemes and petty biases, preconceived and MICROSCOPIC ideas on the usefulness of divisions among countries so that no one country may dominate the others – nothing but absolutely superficial things, and completely false, moreover. And no sincerity, no mental honesty, no sincere goodwill – nothing. They decided in advance that Pakistan was right and India was wrong.

Unfortunately, those phantoms seem to strike terror into the people in Delhi.

Not quite. I have direct news from Delhi (Mother holds out a telegram): “I am deeply grateful says Shastri.” That was following my message.

And in a Parliament session (I don't know if it was a Parliament session or a cabinet meeting), they were told that the true goal of India is to re-create the country's unity, and that the second goal is to give Tibet autonomy and independence. And that these are the two things India wants. And that, somehow or other, they will have to be.

Now, what are they going to do? I don't know.

That doesn't go very well with their “cease-fire” – they accept the cease-fire.

On condition that... there is a condition. They accept on condition that Pakistan makes very serious pledges – which Pakistan refuses to make.

Yes, luckily!3

Pledges of concord, of unity.

In any event, the voice [Mother's message] has been heard – heard and accepted in Delhi. Now, of course, there is the question of strength: will they be strong enough to... But the point is established.

(Satprem, in disbelief) It has entered their heads?

Not all of them. It's enough if they are two or three – there are more of them than that.


1 The Security Council has issued an ultimatum to India and Pakistan for a ceasefire.


2 In inner contact with this organization.


3 Satprem means: luckily. because if Pakistan behaved and didn't force India to fight, the partition might last a long time.









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