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The Mother


Volume 11

January 21, 1970

(Mother listens to the English translation of the conversation of 13 December 1969, in which she spoke of a cure “without repression”: “What causes the repression is the idea of good and evil.... The infirmity of our consciousness is what creates this division.” Mother added that one has to “learn to disappear.” Satprem had proposed the publication of a few extracts in the “Notes on the Way.”)

Is it the end?

(To Nolini, in English:) You think it's all right? It won't create a great confusion?... I am not sure.

They're going to feel quite lost.


(Satprem:) You go to the heart of the problem – to the heart of all problems.

Yes, but... (Mother laughs)

People have a thousand and one difficulties, but there is only ONE difficulty; there are a thousand and one facets but there's only ONE problem. It's clearly put here.

They're going to be terrified!


What should be said is that in this Consciousness where the two contraries, the two opposites are united, the nature of both changes. They don't remain as they are. It's not that they unite and remain the same: the nature of both changes. And that's quite important. Their nature, their action, their vibration are completely different the minute they unite. It's separation that made them what they are.

Separation must be done away with, then their very nature changes: it's no longer “good” and “evil” but something else, which is complete. It's complete.


It's on the borderline... all that is on the borderline.... When will THE Thing come?... I don't know.

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