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Volume 11

February 21, 1970

(Mother is ninety-two. She receives Satprem after the collective meditation. Before she speaks, Mother looks at him for a long time with an indescribable expression.)

The body has received a gift this morning.... This morning, truly the Supreme Lord has taught it to be entirely His, and it was so wonderful!... The whole night – the whole night and morning – there seemed to be an absolutely concrete demonstration of how to be perfectly His.... Never, never had the body felt like that. Naturally, it's perfectly aware of what “grates” still – which is in fact why there are traces (they are just traces) of that famous attack,1 but...

The absolutely concrete experience for the body, it had it the whole morning, and the conclusion came during the meditation.

It's a bit difficult to define – words diminish a lot. It resembles what we call “peace,” but it's luminous, with such an impression of... (what's the word?) ease, well-being... something... It's not turned this way (gesture to oneself), it's turned that way (gesture outward), and that's what makes it so hard to explain. It's not in the body, in itself, that it finds its well-being, it's a well-being... (gesture in every direction), a sort of radiating well-being, and so... yes, something resembling a certitude – there's no more... “anxiety” is quite out of the question (“question” is quite out of the question!...), but it is... it's more what we call positively well-being and certitude. Something inexpressible. It's so vast (in the body, that's the point), so vast... Really it was like an offering for today.

The whole day yesterday, the attack was very strong, as if to see whether the body would bear up. But it kept its trust and calm certitude (that it had the whole day long), and then it became something... that was it, but... It's hard to explain.

Did you feel anything? No?2

Yes, I did!

It was the tail of the meditation, as it were.


Yesterday, it was really like a test to see if the body would bear up, if it was capable of going out of itself – it has behaved very well (especially during the night, that was good).

It's so... All words are very small.

Extraordinary!... (Laughing) It's really been given a gift!


(On that day, Mother gave the following answer to a question asked by one of the Ashram's associations:)

What is the change the world is preparing for? How can one help it?

A change of consciousness. When our consciousness changes, we will know what the change is.

The change does not need our help in order to come, but we need to open up to the consciousness so that it may not come in vain for us.


1 Mother is still coughing a little.


2 At the beginning, while Mother was looking at Satprem.









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