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The Mother


Volume 11

March 4, 1970

(After reading the following aphorism)

135 – All disease is a means towards some new joy of health, all evil and pain a tuning of Nature for some more intense bliss and good, all death an opening on widest immortality. Why and how this should be so, is God's secret which only the soul purified of egoism can penetrate.

Yes, yes (Mother nods approvingly), that's what I am doing right now. And one has be really persevering.

It's not to compliment myself, but I think it's not easy! Because as long as it's vital or mental, it's nothing – nothing at all! But when it becomes physical... it's more difficult! (Mother laughs)

This aphorism remains wholly, entirely true.

(Mother goes into a contemplation then gives Satprem a red rose)

This is “all human passions turned to the Divine,” and this (Mother gives a pink rose) is the Response.

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