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The Mother


Volume 11

April 15, 1970

There seems to be a more and more powerful Pressure, and all difficulties are arising (gesture of rising from below). People quarrel and... oh!

And it's not just here, it's all over the country. And I am told it's all over the world.

You know, it's like a Pressure... (gesture of implacable descent), so everything rises.

(Mother's voice is husky)

A dozen letters everyday, from people imploring for help.... Everything is becoming difficult.

Things will probably have to become still more difficult.

It looks like that.... Only, it's... just at breaking point.

Russia and America have reached, they say, the “balance of terror.”

It's frightening.

(Mother plunges in)

I am unable to speak. I can maybe just answer a question, but I can't speak.

What can one do?

What can one do?...

(Mother goes back into a contemplation till the end)

It can go on indefinitely!

Every time I try to ask myself a question, or to ask you, I feel it's futile – it melts away.

Yes, that's how it is.

The only thing is to be like this [gesture with hands open].

(Mother laughs)

Then it's fine, very fine....


But the impression is that there's nothing else to do.

(Mother smiles and goes elsewhere)

I think it will be better if you bring questions.... I have difficulty speaking, but I can speak.

in French

in German