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The Mother


Volume 11

June 10, 1970

All the nerves are disorganized....

I'm not good for much, but if you like, we can translate Savitri.

We can be quiet....It will do you good. I am very happy to remain like that.

Have you received the latest Aphorisms?

Yes, it's the end of the Aphorisms, and it ends well!

(Satprem reads)

540 – Canst thou see God in thy torturer and slayer even in thy moment of death or thy hours of torture? Canst thou see Him in that which thou art slaying, see and love even while thou slayest? Thou hast thy hand on the supreme knowledge. How shall he attain to Krishna who has never worshipped Kali?

You answer:

“All is the Divine and the Divine alone exists.”

(Mother goes into a contemplation)

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