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The Mother


Volume 11

September 26, 1970

What's new? Here there's nothing (Mother shakes her head). Nothing interesting.

It's all right (in an unconvinced tone).

(Then Satprem reads the “Comments on the Aphorisms”
and “Mother Answers” for the next Bulletin.)

My impression now is that all this is written here (gesture just above the head) and that I have gone to my highest consciousness (gesture far above).... But that can't be expressed yet. It's not through words and ideas that it has to express itself. It's the means of expression that must be found.

Ultimately, the big difference with man is that he invented language – language, and naturally, writing and so on. Well, a means of expression superior to language and writing – that's what must be found.

A superior means, but a material one?

Yes, it has to be something material. Material, but... At any rate, maybe with the development of new organs? As man developed language. Something like that.

But when I write, I always feel there's a music behind.


I feel there's always a music behind things. A music or a rhythm.

A rhythm, yes.

Perhaps it would be that?

(Mother approves keenly) Yes, yes.

(Mother goes into a long contemplation)

There's a GREAT Peace. Have you felt it?

Yes, Mother.

Great Peace.

(long silence)

For instance, I get the sense of a new way of counting time. I don't know how to put it. And then... (Mother shakes her head, finding it impossible to express herself).

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