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The Mother


Volume 11

September 30, 1970

(Mother is a little late.)

I don't know the days of the week, and I am not told the days, so I didn't know it was your day. That's why I am late. I don't know the days at all. So I'll be seeing people, and suddenly I'll be told it's Wednesday, and... I don't even know whether its Wednesday or Saturday.

I live completely outside time, outside the small everyday reality.


I saw G. yesterday, he isn't too well.

(after a long silence)

I feel he lives outside the atmosphere.

Yet he says he is so constantly turned to you.

There's something preventing the contact.

(after a silence)

His contact is mental.

Physically, it's as if he lived elsewhere, you understand?

(long concentration on G.)

And then, the Dutch translation of The Adventure of Consciousness is going to be published, and D. asked A. M. to make a cover for the book. A. M. has done something he'd like to show you. Here is what he's done....1 [Satprem shows the painting.]

Bah! it's really dark.

It's really dark, his world is dark.

Phew! it's hopeless.

It does look like that.

I don't like that.

I think the symbol is good, but the color ...

Yes. If he did the blue of the mind – the Consciousness making its way out of the mind – if he did a blue of the mind, then it would be all right. But this black is disgusting.

And with a sun here.

One can't see the sun.

It's a moon, I think.... No, there should be the mind's blue and the sun rising.

Oh, yes! The moon won't do at all.

That's what I had felt.

No, not for your book. Instead of this, there should be something blossoming out. This is tight, confined, cramped – something blossoming out in a great light.

It won't do at all.

The other book,2 you know, it's an adventure....

(Laughing) So then?

Nothing, it's an adventure.

Give me a paper (Mother draws).

First, no need to put so much water. It's better to have the thing above.

Instead of a stem that writhes (you don't writhe! [laughter]), you can put seven lines – seven lines. Then a gathering of the seven lines here (just above the surface of the waters). This is symbolic of the book's formation. And then here (above the waters), rise straight and... (Mother draws seven lines opening up at the top of a stem). You understand: seven ascents (below) and here (above) seven responses. Like this. Seven lines gathering at a point that corresponds to this [the other point where the seven lines from below gather]. Then it has a meaning.

*   *

(Then Satprem reads out an old Playground Talk of 16 September 1953, which ends with these lines:)

“...Whereas, if one were open and simply breathing – that's all, doing nothing else – one would breathe Consciousness, Light, Comprehension, Force, Love and all the rest. But all that is wasted on the earth, because the earth isn't ready to take it. There.”

Is the earth a little more ready. Mother?

(Mother goes into a very long contemplation lasting till the end, and does not answer)


1 A lotus whose stem winds and turns under green waters, and whose closed bud just breaks the surface; above the waters, a dark green sky with a moon.


2 On the Way to Supermanhood.









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