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The Mother


Volume 11

October 24, 1970

(Mother translates a few fragments from Savitri which were chosen for her.)

Un miracle de l'Absolu était né

L'infini avait revêtu une âme finie

Tout l'océan vivait dans une goutte errante

Un corps fait par le temps abritait l'Illimité.

Afin de vivre ce mystère nos âmes vinrent ici-bas.


Une forme solitaire sur les marches géantes de la Nature

Montait vers une fin indiscernable

Sur le sommet nu des choses créées.

II.I.101, 102

[A miracle of the Absolute was born,

Infinity put on a finite soul,

All ocean lived within a wandering drop,

A time-made body housed the Illimitable.

To live this Mystery out our souls came here.


A figure sole on Nature's giant stair,

He mounted towards an indiscernible end

On the bare summit of created things.


That's really good. It's a pity it was cut into small bits!

*   *

(Then Satprem reads the fifth chapter of “Supermanhood”: “The New Consciousness.”)

That's very good, it's creative of the condition.


Can't speak (Mother shakes her head).

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