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The Mother


Volume 13

January 1, 1972

Happy New Year, mon petit!

(Mother takes Satprem's hands. He offers her a “Divine Love.”1 She then distributes some presents.)

You saw Indira's letter, I showed it to you....

Yes, Mother, I noted it down.

They're becoming conscious up there, some very interesting things are happening.

You mean at the Center, in Delhi?

No, at the front, in Bangladesh.

That fellow who returned from America2 says he doesn't want to end the war – we'll see.... But we're plainly heading for the breakup of Pakistan.

(long silence)

The Force is working very strongly, it's very very strong.

And you, how is it going?


Ah, good! That's all we need. All we need.


The power of “that” is stupendous. But human bodies aren't used to it, so it's hard for them to bear it. But that doesn't matter.

(Mother takes Satprem's hands meditation)


(Message of January 1)

Without the Divine, we are limited, incompetent and helpless beings; with the Divine, if we give ourselves entirely to Him, all is possible and our progress is limitless.

A special help has come onto the earth for Sri Aurobindo's centenary year; let us take advantage of it to overcome the ego and emerge into the light.

Happy New Year.


1 Pomegranate flower.


2 This certainly refers to Bhutto who had gone to America as Pakistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs and was called back last month to be nominated President of Pakistan.









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