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The Mother


Volume 13

February 12, 1972

I have a letter from P.L. [the friend in the Vatican]. Here's what he says:

“...Thanks to Mother's Protection, things around me had calmed down a little, when suddenly the storm broke out again. To the former intrigues have now been added slander and... a threat of expulsion (which in itself I would not mind, but they should not triumph!). This threat is in fact meant to upset me and force me to change my attitude. I feel the need to go back and see Mother – the sooner the better. But practically I cannot do it; furthermore, I am being watched; I am afraid that if they find out I am going to Pondicherry, they will try to set the Bishop against the Ashram, for, as you know, if he is now quiet, it is because of a certain intervention, which was very discreet but effective. Naturally, the others know nothing of my intercession with T.1

I have been preoccupied with him.

One day, I was very much preoccupied with him.


Would you like us to go into silence?



1 Tisserant, the Cardinal of France, had written to the Pondicherry “Mission” to quiet them down.









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