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The Mother


Volume 13

February 23, 1972

(Mother gives Satprem some papers, most of which have been published in this Agenda as “Notes.”)

And here is more of T.J.'s notebook – I haven't reread it, I don't know what she put in it. You'll see if something is interesting.

Normally, part of it is scheduled to be published in the next Bulletin.

No, only what's worthwhile. Certain things are.... One or two things are revelations, but I don't know if she included them. I had one or two important revelations; they seemed like nothing, but they were.... But I don't know if they're included.

Do you want me to read them to you?

There's not enough time, mon petit.

Do you have something?

Nothing particular. How was the 21st?

(after a silence)

From the standpoint of the work, it was very important, but physically.... I had trouble on the balcony. There was a formation (from whom I don't know); I had seen it already for some time (I have a vague idea who it comes from, but I am not sure... and in fact I don't care): I felt I was going to die on the 21st.



It was a formation. Naturally, it had no effect, except physically when I went out on the balcony: it was difficult.

But you stayed out for a long time.

I stayed for five minutes.

It was a long time, much longer that usual.



That's because I was determined to hold out.

I think that... (all these are big words for small things) I think that I have won a victory. But it was difficult.

Something changed afterwards.

In terms of consciousness, it's fabulous, but it would take hours to describe.


But life isn't organized as it should be.... You see, the sense of time is different; sometimes I go into a certain consciousness – I think only a few minutes have elapsed, while it's been a very long time.

Inwardly, it's going very well – very well. That's all I can say.... The body is learning, but teaming slowly.


I don't know about those papers I gave you. There were one or two very important things. I don't know if they're there.

What's the last one?

Life on earth is essentially a field for progress; how short life is for all the progress we have to make!

To waste time seeking the gratification of one's petty desires is sheer folly. True happiness can be attained only by finding the Divine.

There were others after this one....1

(Satprem leafs through the pages
and comes across this passage.)

... Almost all human miseries come from the fact that human beings are almost always persuaded they know better than the Divine what they need and what life is supposed to bring them....

(Mother plunges in)


(A note dated February 23)

Supreme Lord, Perfection we must become, Perfection we must manifest.

This body lives only by You and says to You over and over again:

“What You will
What You will”

until the day it knows it automatically because its consciousness will be completely united with Yours.


1 This last note is dated February 19. If there were any others between the 19th and the 23rd, they have disappeared.









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