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The Mother


Volume 13

March 18, 1972

(No sooner has Satprem entered her room than Mother looks at him and declares categorically:)

Things are better – aren't they?

For me or for....

Yes, for you.

Well, I think so, I hope so.

Yes, but I am telling you: things ARE better – I know! (Mother laughs)

It's cleared up.

It was pretty tough.

(Mother signs the contract for the publication of the “Synthesis” in France – silence)

Do you feel that things are also better in general, or ...


... or is it specific?

Things are better.

A dawning of joy in the body.... It's coming, it's coming.

You remember, I told you everything was like this (gesture on the brink of catastrophe), but now we are plainly – plainly on the bright side. From time to time (a little wobbly gesture), but... plainly on the bright side.

It's much better.


And your atmosphere is much clearer, MUCH clearer. There are less... (gesture of conflicts).

Have you seen this?

(Mother hands Satprem a paper about the restrictions on admission to the Ashram)

Don't people ask you to come to the Ashram?

I never encourage them.

Shall we meditate?

(long meditation)

You have nothing to say?

I wish everything would melt.

(Mother laughs and takes Satprem's hands)

It's very clear. Very clear.

(Mother goes off again,
holding Satprem's hands)

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