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The Mother


Volume 13

March 22, 1972

(For the last three days, Mother has been “ill”: violent vomiting, etc. She gasps for breath as she speaks.)

This time it's serious.

I haven't been able to eat – I can't eat (gesture of vomiting).

The body is reduced to the minimum.

We shall see. If it holds on, it will be all right.

But three nights ago, I saw a gigantic tidal wave – a tidal wave submerging everything.


When I see that, there's usually a catastrophe the next day. But there was no catastrophe the next day – it seems to have fallen on you. I don't know... a gigantic tidal wave.

(after a silence)

At night, I don't sleep, you know, but I go into a deep rest, and there remains only the body consciousness. Twice, last night, the body saw all sorts of images and activities showing a widespread incomprehension in people.

The body was in certain situations.... One was taking place here and the other was in Japan. I realized that the body holds certain impressions, impressions of being in a.... It wasn't in the Ashram, but the one in Japan, exactly as I was in Japan (but these are not memories, they were entirely new activities, something entirely new), showing that I was surrounded by people who don't understand. And here, too (it wasn't the Ashram, the situations were symbolic and involved people who are no longer in their bodies), I was surrounded by people and things that didn't understand. And I saw that these impressions are in the body and make things even more difficult.

They weren't actually physical things: they were the transcription of people's attitude and their way of thinking.


I have been well aware for a long time now that there are... I am not even sure that some people haven't been doing black magic against me.

Oh, Mother, that same night, the night I saw the tidal wave, I saw also a sudden image: you were lying down and I was holding tightly onto your feet, and by our side was a tall black being – jet-black – maybe ten feet high, who was all... it's not that he had black skin, but he was all dressed in black. And he was standing on a kind of black carpet.

Yes, that's it. I have the same impression.

I don't say anything (for it sounds ridiculous), but my feeling is that some people have been using black magic against me. Naturally, my only recourse is to envelop and surround myself with the Divine. But... that causes a lot of difficulties.

I wanted to see you to tell you that. But speaking is difficult.... Would you like some silence?


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