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The Mother


Volume 13

March 30, 1972

(A conversation with R., an American disciple,
then with Sujata. Mother speaks in English)

Since we have set aside all conventions, immediately everybody thinks, “Ah, nice place to fulfil our desires!” And they almost all come with that intention.

And because I made a maternity clinic for the children of those people that I was obliged to send away from the Ashram, so that they could have a place to have their child, people think that the maternity clinic is established for all children born in an illegal way!

I don't care for legality, I don't care for law, I don't care for convention. But what I want is a more divine life, not an animal life.

And they use the liberty for license, for the satisfaction of desires, and all these things that we truly have worked all our life to master, they indulge in dissipation. I am absolutely disgusted.

We are here to give up all desires and to turn towards the Divine and to become conscious of the Divine.1 To realize and manifest the Divine in our life is the way, not to become animals, living like cats and dogs.

Sujata enters.

(In French) How I would like to be able to go and tell all of them, right to their faces, that they are wrong, that this is not the way. But I think it's time to put it in writing.

Because I say I am against the old conventions, it means we can live like animals.

But, Mother, your force is extremely active right now, you know.

Yes, I know. I know: when I am like now, I always see the Force – it isn't “my” force, it is the Divine Force. I try – I only try to be like this (gesture like a channel). This body tries to be simply... simply a transmitter, as transparent as possible, as impersonal as possible. So the Divine can do whatever He wants.


It has become very transparent. For as soon as something is put before you, the action is done immediately.


Yesterday, it was fifty-eight years since I came here for the first time. For fifty-eight years I have been working FOR THAT, for the body to be as transparent and immaterial as possible, so that it doesn't obstruct the descending Force.

Now – now it's the body itself, the body wants this with all its cells. That is its only purpose in life.

To try, to try to create on earth one completely transparent, translucent element that would let the force pass through without any distortion.


Au revoir. You'll tell Satprem. Satprem will see what he can do with all this.


1 Later, Mother added the following: “The Divine we seek is not far away and beyond reach: He lies at the very core of His creation and what He expects from us is to find Him and, through personal transformation, become capable of knowing Him, uniting with Him, and finally manifesting Him consciously. To this we must dedicate ourselves, it is our true raison d'etre. And our first step towards this sublime realization is the manifestation of the supramental consciousness.”









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