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The Mother


Volume 13

April 3, 1972

(Meeting with the American woman disciple)

Things are going fast.

The body must learn not to think of itself. That's the only way. As soon as it thinks of itself, its condition gets horrible.

But honestly, sincerely, it doesn't think anymore. It is here for a certain work; the work must be done, and that's all. What will be will be – it's true, after all, what will be will be, what does it matter to it!... It says, “Everything is for the best.” It can't stay forever in its present precarious condition; so it must either be transformed, or else lose its form and come undone. Well... it needn't worry about it, just leave it to the Lord to decide – truly and sincerely.

If it can abdicate to the point of really becoming a transparent instrument, so much to the good.

It's none of its business – it is incapable of knowing what has to be done. And it is becoming increasingly incapable PURPOSELY, I know it. So... let Your will be done, Lord, that alone matters. Nothing else.

*   *

(Sujata enters. What has happened between April 2nd and 3rd that Mother should suddenly speak in the following terms?)

Good morning, Mother.

Good morning, mon petit.

Everything's all right?... Really?

Yes, Mother.


I want to tell you something.... I had already explained to Satprem that if the time for transformation comes, if my body grows cold, they should not rush to put it in a hole in the ground. Because it could be... it could be only temporary. You understand? It could be momentary. They should arrange to keep it here until it shows signs of complete... of the beginning of decomposition. I am telling you this because I want to make sure it's understood; it would be stupid to put it in a hole and have all the work stop because of that.

You understand? Do you understand what I mean?

Yes, Mother, your instructions are noted ...

You see, make absolutely sure that I have left my body.

I don't know.... I know an attempt is being made to transform it – it knows it and is very willing – but I don't know if it will be able to do it.... Do you follow? So for some time it may give the impression that it's over, although it would be only temporary. It would start again – it might start again. But then I would be... I may be incapable of speaking at that time, of saying this.

So I am saying it to you – Satprem knows. One other person should also know.

I believe Pranab also knows it.

I don't know, I have never said anything to him.

Because we had noted it down, and your instructions are here in the drawer. They've been kept here as “instructions.”1

I don't know, I have never said anything to him.

(Mother's attendant, speaking in Bengali to Sujata:) He knows.

It seems silly to make a fuss. Better say nothing. It's enough if just a few people know.

It doesn't really preoccupy me, but.... This body is truly very willing, it wants to do its best.... Will it be capable?... Ultimately, if the Lord has decided this one will be transformed, it will be transformed, that's all!

(Laughing) For the time being, it feels very much alive! That much it can say.

And I have nice children to look after me!2


1 On January 14, 1967, for the first time, Mother had spoken of this possibility of cataleptic trance – five years earlier.


2 This last sentence was intended for those who were all ears and were not supposed to be listening.









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