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The Mother


Volume 13

April 6, 1972

(Mother sees Sujata)

I don't want to speak anymore.

Yesterday, I told Satprem what I had to say.


Some people come and deluge me with their problems; others come and say nothing; in both cases, I am silent. I don't care what they say, even that I've become stupid, I don't care in the least.

Oh, no!... People who can say such things are only showing their own colors.

Yes. That's their own business, I have nothing to do with it.

Up above, in the consciousness, I am with those who are there. And that's that.

(Mother clasps Sujata's hands and sits gazing)

Yes, this is good, this is good.

You know I am with you! Do you know that?

Tell Satprem too I am ALWAYS with him.

There, mon petit.

(Then Sujata relates the dream she had on Sunday in which she and Satprem saw Sri Aurobindo and Mother in a room at the end of a footbridge. The dream had to do with the physical transformation of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. While Mother was talking to Satprem, Sri Aurobindo called Sujata and, placing two fingers in the palm of her right hand, said, “You will have to carry faith and aspiration during one thousand years.” After listening to Sujata, Mother remains silent. Sujata tries to comment on her dream.)

The thousand years are over.... And now the transformation is accomplished ...

Yes, that's it, mon petit. Good, mon petit. Good. Now there remains only to transform ourselves! (Laughter)

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