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The Mother


Volume 13

April 13, 1972

(Conversation with Sujata. From now on, none of the recordings made in Mother's room by her attendant will be communicated to Satprem. What follows was noted down from memory by Sujata. She first reads to Mother a letter from one of the schoolchildren; Sujata was trying to build a bridge between Mother and the mass of anonymous people who truly loved her but had no access to her.)

Sweet Mother,

It seems that you no longer see everyone on their birthdays. Is it because of a lack of time or for some occult reason? People say that seeing too many people every day tires you, but if such is the reason, twenty people coming to receive your Blessings on their birthdays take perhaps less time together than one person who sees you every day! Besides, it is the only day – once a year – when we can see you to receive your Blessings and be near you. Of course, no one wants to disturb you, and I certainly don't.

But I was curious to know the reason for this new arrangement. I hope I am not being impertinent to write this way to you.

Signed: V.

(Sujata:)... They need to see you, they need your help, it's a difficult period for everyone.

My help is there for all those who need it – it's the ego that prevents people from receiving it. Does V. understand the difference between the ego and the psychic being?... Ego is the obstruction. Ego was necessary to shape humanity, but we are now preparing the way for a superhumanity, a supra- humanity. The job of the ego is over – it did its job well, now it must disappear. And it is the psychic being, the Divine's representative in man, that will stay on and pass into the next species. So we must learn to gather all our being around the psychic. Those who wish to pass to the supra-humanity must get rid of the ego and concentrate themselves around the psychic being.

But does he know the difference between the ego and the psychic? Because the ego is very artful – a rogue!...

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