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The Mother


Volume 13

April 19, 1972

And what about your “change” [of government]?

It's going on!


The conscious will seems to want to assume a larger role. It makes life... much more efficient, obviously, but also more difficult.

More difficult in what way?

Well, usually we passively leave it up to Nature to set things right when something goes wrong – that's totally disappearing. Now it is a process of consciousness, and no longer.... You see, the mind (laughing: it's going on – the supramental is still sitting on it!), the mind has been worked upon for years, so that it doesn't meddle when it's none of its business and lets Nature take care of all the damage; but now Nature is being told, “Keep quiet, a higher Consciousness will settle things.” But that means the consciousness must be CONSTANTLY alert.

Constantly alert.

The consciousness' own attitude towards the Divine is to be as if nestling in the Divine – I could even say engulfed in the Divine: what You will, what You will, what You will, what You will.... As a “basic” attitude it's very good, I could say. But when suddenly, something in the body goes wrong, and you don't know why (oh, most of the time it's due to an outside cause, like a disorder coming from outside), so then you don't know what to do – there is no longer a mind to decide what to do; while the consciousness remains like this (hands open upwards). But then you don't know what to do, so you do nothing.

There is certainly something to be learned.

But if the consciousness is turned upward, doesn't the Intervention or the Action take place automatically?


It must.

That's my constant experience. But....

How are things for you?

I don't know. Better, I think.

Yes. Do you want me to see?

(Mother holds Satprem's hands, and closes her eyes)

Much better.

(Mother plunges in until the end, smiling and holding Satprem's hands)

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