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The Mother


Volume 13

April 29, 1972

How are you?

I don't know, so-so.

Nothing particular?

No, Mother, nothing particular. And you?

Mother sits gazing)

You are more conscious of what has to be demolished than of what is being built.

Yes, it's true – yes, I am very conscious of that.

Yes, of what must be demolished, but it's more interesting to be conscious of what's being built.

But, Mother, when at every step you're made to face all sorts of things that aren't very... that you want to get rid of.

But that's down there (gesture to the ground). You must look above.


But is it getting built in spite of all the resistance?

Fortunately! Fortunately – because those who ought to be helping aren't helping. Thank God it's happening in spite of everything!


It's like asking me whether the divine Consciousness is stronger than the obscure little consciousness of humans.

(Mother plunges in)

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