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The Mother


Volume 13

May 13, 1972

(The subject here is the conversation of last April 2 with Auroville's architect, N. and U., when Mother was trying to bring some harmony among the three. The recording of the conversation, which was never returned to Satprem, started circulating in the Ashram in all kinds of distorted transcriptions. Satprem's initiative in giving the tape, which was intended to preserve the authenticity of Mother's words, was diverted for a typical Ashram purpose: gossip and one-upmanship, each party using Mother's words to outdo the other. Nor do we know what happened to all the other similar recordings....)

Did they give you that text?... It was corrected a little. Did you see it? Is it all right?

Yes, Mother, certainly! Is it for the “Auroville Gazette”?

There's a complete confusion.... Don't ask me (Mother turns towards the bathroom).

Yes, yes, Mother.

But I thought of one thing that would be good for the Bulletin.

Oh, yes, Mother, that's something else. We kept it, and it will be published in the next Bulletin. Yes, it's done.

What was it? I don't remember.

It's when you say, “You are here now on earth because you once chose to – you don't remember it, but I know; that is why you are here....”

Yes, I feel such people are found EVERYWHERE on earth. That was the idea: that some people reading this suddenly feel it's their destiny.


Nothing to ask?

The other day you spoke of that golden Pressure becoming stronger and stronger ...

Yes, yes.

... perhaps bringing a possibility of catastrophes, you said. Are you thinking of a collective danger?

America is doing horrible things. They have mined Haiphong.1 Nobody had ever dared do that so far.

Yes, there's a strong impression that that whole abscess should burst open – that nest of wickedness should burst.

(after a silence)

But how to put it into words?... There are also things that were miraculous in the past and will no longer be so – both possibilities. Both are there together.

I don't know if it's just because of this transition period, or if the Supramental will in fact bring about very categorical effects....

The same for the body: the least thing seems to produce consequences completely out of proportion – in either good or bad. The customary “neutrality” of life is disappearing.


For the individual being [Mother], it's peculiar how both extremes coexist: the individual feels like a complete cipher... a thing with no strength, no force, no power of decision of any kind, but at the same time (Mother slowly lowers her fist), through that individuality such a tremendous Action is taking place! And totally unexpected, you know. Both collective and individual actions, which seem absolutely miraculous because they are like this (same gesture) – all-powerful. And the two extremes are there AT THE SAME TIME.

I've never had such a feeling of... nothingness – nothingness. Nothing. I am nothing anymore. But at the same time, there's the vision, the perception of an absolutely irresistible Force (Mother lowers her fist). It's as if the individual had to be nonexistent first in order to become a real instrument.

Yes, I too often have that feeling of complete void.

Yes, void. Complete void. But then, at the same time (almost the same time, sometimes even exactly at the same time), you perceive a Power acting so formidably through that void! And on a collective scale, you know: winning victories, destroying certain things – fabulous! Fabulous.


And the same for the body. It's as if every minute the body could die, and every minute it's miraculously saved. It is... incredible. Incredible.

And with a constant perception of world events, as if everything, but everything were (Mother intertwines the fingers of her hands)... as if interlinked – a link.... One could say: one single Will manifesting in innumerable actions.

(Mother plunges in, palms open)


1 Mother actually said Hong Kong, but she was certainly talking of Haiphong and the resumption of American bombings over North Vietnam, followed by the blockade ordered by President Nixon.









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