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The Mother


Volume 13

May 19, 1972

(Coincidentally, this conversation with Sujata took place exactly one year before Mother's last meeting with Satprem, on May 19, 1973. These last few days, transcriptions of some recordings made in Mother's room were on display in the showcase of SABDA, the book business. Sujata voices her surprise.)

How can this be, Mother? For so many years we have kept all your recordings private and nobody knew anything, and now they are on public display – and in an incorrect transcription moreover.

They don't listen to me.

But, Mother, how did they get out of here?

The Ashram no longer belongs to me.

(Sujata, taken aback) I feel very distressed. The Ashram belongs to Mother....

Oh, mon petit, that ceased being true a long time ago. Ever since I stopped going out, people have been thinking that Mother is no longer looking after things, she doesn't know what's going on.... We ought to start a new Ashram with perhaps a nucleus of ten people – and even then.

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