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The Mother


Volume 13

May 24, 1972

You are... (Mother holds Satprem's hands). I don't know if you are aware of it, but you are associated in all this work of transformation, like this (gesture of being carried along in the wake)... as if you were fastened to it.


But the work is taking place in a region beyond words.

Yes.... For some time now I've been very much feeling your presence.

Ahh!... As for me, I always feel you're there, as though you were clinging to me, so each time something is accomplished, it is naturally passed on to you.

(Laughing) Clinging like a child.

Yes, I really feel it's the only solution.

(long smiling silence while holding Satprem's hands)

All depends ABSOLUTELY – absolutely and uniquely – on the divine Will. If He has decided we will be transformed, we will be transformed. I myself am powerless – there is no “I,” it doesn't exist as this! (indicating her body) For those who cling to me, it's the same as clinging to the Divine, because... (Mother smiles exquisitely). Ultimately, what happens is His will.

(Mother goes into contemplation for forty minutes, while holding Satprem's hands. That day there was realization.)

Mon petit....

(Mother opens her eyes wide)

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