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The Mother


Volume 13

June 7, 1972

What do You bring?... And how do you feel?

Well, I think I can feel your presence better.


In fact, I feel that alone can straighten things out.

It's the Lord's presence passing through me – through what people call “me.” An aggregate of cells which... (laughing) took this form pretty long ago!

Yes, but this form is very....

This form is.... It's most peculiar, you know: that [cellular] consciousness gives an impression of something trying to become fluid. Something is obviously trying to make it manifest a... an otherness.

Be an otherness. But how?...


The body is comfortable only when it is conscious of the divine Force acting (gesture of descent through the body), but otherwise it's....

Any concentration on the body itself causes a kind of strange discomfort, a discomfort which stops only when it is conscious of the Force – of the Force working (same gesture of descent through Mother), the Force working, when “That” comes and flows through it. Then the... I can't say “the old method” is gone, it's not at all that, it's... something.

(Smiling) There's a phrase that comes to me in English: the joy of nothingness.


But don't you have any questions?

Personally, for example, before, my tendency was to turn to Sri Aurobindo or to a Force... to THE Force – to That, to the Lord, I don't know. Well, but the effect has not at all been the same since I really started to turn to you as a person.


But since I really turned to you as a person, I have felt a more decisive action taking place in me.

Quite possible. Only, the person is.... It's not a human person.

No, of course not!

It's a supramental person. Something the cells don't quite understand yet, but they know, they sense. They feel as if they were thrust forcibly into a new world.

That's what is now pressing all the time like this (gesture of pressure and descent). In spite of an apparent weakness (which is purely illusory), there's a... tremendous Force here.

Yes, certainly.

Mind you, it's a Force seemingly too strong for the body; but when the body stays VERY quiet, like this... (gesture, hands open), and as nonexistent as possible, then all goes well.

Then, you feel... (gesture of something flowing through Mother).

But that Force is ... stupendous!

Oh, yes! Yes, indeed, the few drops one can taste seem... seem just overwhelming.


And instantly effective.

(Mother goes into contemplation for forty minutes holding Satprem's hands)

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