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The Mother


Volume 13

June 10, 1972

(Mother unwinds a garland of “Patience” from her wrist to give to Sujata.)

Do you want patience?

(Sujata:) Very useful, Mother!

(To Satprem:) What did you feel?

When, Mother?

All the time, mon petit!

Well, I feel you are more and more present, close to me – your help, I mean.

Ah! Yes, that's true.


The Help is getting more and more accurate, more and more conscious, but... I must say it's VERY difficult.


But it doesn't matter. Since we have agreed to do it, let's do it. There's no point in complaining. But the Power – the Power is stu-pen-dous, only... (Mother points to her body), this is like a mockery: the slightest thing gets inordinately magnified! Even physically. Physically, it's so strange, I've got insect bites on a spot that's completely covered (Mother touches her leg); for a mosquito to reach it is impossible. And, I don't know... I am told there are no fleas or bugs here!

There are ants, Mother!

Do ants bite?

Yes, Mother, certain kinds of ants do.

Aaah! So that's it: there ARE ants here. Oh, some ants bite!

Yes, yes, Mother! I learned that here, I didn't know myself.

Well, neither did I! (laughter) Ah, that's what it is! Well, thank you! (laughter)


But I would be interested to hear your observations.

I may not be conscious enough. It's very general. I have a feeling you are very much present, and as soon as I call a little, you are right there, the Help is there.

That, yes, definitely.

When I remember how it was just one or two years ago, naturally I can see, I can realize what a tremendous Power there is now.

Yes, there's a difference.

Yes, tremendous. It's tangible.... And, I must add, at times it falls upon me without my even calling it.

Yes, yes.

It really falls upon me like... I don't know, like a flood of power.

Yes, yes. One must be, one absolutely must be... passively receptive. The slightest activity brings back the old way, I don't know. For me, now, it's (gesture, hands open).

When I am like that, time flies by. Time doesn't exist anymore.1 When the old way comes back, a few minutes seem in-ter-mi-na-ble.

Something is really happening... a new way of time.

The other day, you said that when you go within, it isn't like before when you withdrew into an inner state to work – You said you don't go into trance, you are just....


Interiorized And you added, “As if the physical were becoming double.”

(Mother remains engrossed for a long time
then comes out with a smile)

I remember (I don't know when it was, whether at night or... but it was at a moment when I was quiet, when I was alone), I remember telling you, “You see, THIS is the Supramental.” “This is IT, I know, THIS is the Supramental.” I said that to you.

But when I tried to recall it so as to keep it in the ordinary consciousness (not the “ordinary” consciousness: the intermediary consciousness, like this – gesture of a bridge - the one I have all the time), it... it sort of evaporated. When I am not active, when I am like now, it's crystal clear: that's IT.

(Mother plunges in)


1 That same morning, Mother sat for forty minutes with a glass of fruit juice in her hand. This conversation started one hour late.









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