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The Mother


Volume 13

June 14, 1972

(This concerns a serious and devoted person who works at the Louvre in Paris, restoring old paintings. She writes to Satprem referring to a letter he received from Andre Gide in 1946, when he was traveling in Egypt on his way to India: “I persuade myself that God does not yet exist and that we must obtain him.” And she adds, “Thus, from Partial truths to partial truths, we progress towards the Truth, before which the whole being can only surrender entirely. Only at that point does True Life begin, for we have at last found what the heart, deep down, was unknowingly always seeking.” And she asks Mother, “Wouldn't it be better to live in the Ashram to help the Work more effectively?”)

I really think she should stay in France.

Coming here is difficult.

Did you read what Sri Aurobindo said about the Ashram? He said that the Ashram symbolized all the difficulties to be resolved, so after a while people coming from the outside are beset with difficulties instead of finding help. It's much better for her to stay where she is.

But you can assure her that I FEEL her very well, and that I am with her, my help is very consciously with her.

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