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The Mother


Volume 13

June 24, 1972

(Mother has not been well lately. She listens to Satprem read the conversation of May 6, 1972 for the next Bulletin: “A golden force pressing down on the earth.... An absolutely material Power, but with no need for any material means.... A world is trying to be born into this world”)

What you've written is very good, it's far better than what I said!

(Satprem, somewhat flabbergasted:) But it's the exact transcription of what you said, Mother!!

(Mother laughs, unconvinced)

This way it's turned out very good.

But it's exactly what you said! I just added a few commas and colons, that's all [laughter], and the paragraphs. But that's all!

And that's what I experience more and more clearly and precisely.

Satprem offers a flower to Mother,
“Supramental Light in the Subconscient.”
Mother keeps it by her side)

Do you want to ask something?

I think Sujata has something to ask you.


(Sujata:) Mother, the other day you told me that for those who have sincerely given themselves to the Divine, for such persons what has to be done is done.

Yes, yes.

And you went on to say, “If such a person asks something for somebody else, that too is done.”

Yes, but not so completely.

What is unreceptive in that person distorts the Action.

Take for example someone who is ill and BELIEVES in the reality of his illness; the effect of the Action is lessened in proportion to his wrong belief.

It's hard to explain.

But what did you want to ask?

(With a little mischievous smile:) I wanted to know, Mother, if I, for example, pray to Sri Aurobindo that “Mother be well,” does it help you?

But Mother IS well!

Yesterday afternoon, for instance, I vomited – I wasn't sick. I don't know how to explain it.... The way to take food had to change. I mean, this happened to make me understand the attitude I had to have in taking food. But I wasn't sick: it was AS IF I were sick. It was just meant to make me understand the attitude with which to eat. It was like an object lesson – I understood. If I hadn't vomited, I wouldn't have paid any attention.

It's very complicated, mon petit!

So the people around me should have a certain bearing towards me, take certain precautions; and in order to do so they must think and believe certain things, otherwise they won't do it. And that's how things happen quite naturally. (Turning to Satprem) I don't know if you follow?

Yes, I do.

Everything is organized down to the minutest detail, but it's not preplanned as we do with our ordinary consciousness: the Force Simply PRESSES down and produces the required result. I could almost say: by any means whatsoever – any necessary means. It's a Force that is PRESSING down upon the earth and making people do the most improbable things, those who seem the worst as well as the best, just to... to obtain the necessary result.

More and more it is so.

All our notions of good and evil are....

We have to keep reacting to things, precisely the reactions based on “good” and “evil,” the human conception of good and evil (it isn't exactly a human “conception,” but an approximation of the Harmony)....

(Mother plunges in and comes back moving her hand,
as if waves were going through her fingertips)

Vibrations... vibrations transmitting the Divine without distortion. That's it. That's what is needed. And depending on circumstances or people, it takes one form or another – you understand?

Yes, Mother, I understand!

Everything we say is said using old ways of speaking.


The Action is evident.... And it is the ego's authority which is disappearing – increasingly disappearing. With total acceptance, you know, one that doesn't even need to understand. We always want to understand in the old mental way – there's NO NEED to understand. An acceptance like this (gesture, hands open).

Under that Pressure, the old remnants of authority, the remnants of the ego's authority should disappear and be replaced by this (same gesture, hands open): a receptivity and obedience (not “obedience,” because there is no need to understand): to be impelled exclusively by the Divine. This in place of the ego. The last traces of the ego getting erased, and ... (gesture, hands open) being replaced by... (same gesture).

I continually have the feeling (fifty times a day, perhaps) of being a little baby (gesture, kicking hands and legs), completely wrapped in and tossed about by the divine forces! (laughter) Exactly like that.

There are still.... It isn't completely transparent, naturally, there still remain some old things, the ego's old rule over the body, which causes grating and friction, but otherwise... otherwise just like a baby!

Like a baby.

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