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The Mother


Volume 13

June 28, 1972

(Mother first listens to some letters from Sri Aurobindo to Nirod, and in particular the following ones, which catch her attention and amuse her.)

Why not write something about the Supermind which these people find so difficult to understand?

What's the use? How much would anybody understand? Besides the present business is to bring down and establish the Supermind, not to explain it. If it establishes itself, it will explain itself – if it does not, there is no use in explaining it. I have said some things about it in past writings, but without success in enlightening anybody. So why repeat the endeavor?

October 8, 1935
On Himself
, XXVI.164

*   *

What disciples we are of what a Master! I wish you had chosen or called some better stuff.

As to the disciples, I agree! – Yes, but would the better stuff, supposing it to exist, be typical of humanity? To deal with a few exceptional types would hardly solve the problem. And would they consent to follow my path-that is another question? And if they were put to the test, would not the common humanity suddenly reveal itself – that is still another question.

August 3, 1935
On Himself
, XXVI.178-179

*   *

Strange, it comes in gusts. A sudden gust comes in which everything is clear – the supermind is evident. And the body sees, it even sees what it is expected to do. The next minute, poof! (gesture of curtaining) it's veiled again.

These are like two different ways of being in relationship with the Divine – both are relationships with the Divine: one is the old way and the other the new way. Formerly, you see, whenever I had a difficulty, I would immediately curl up in my relationship with the Divine, and it would go away. But now it's no longer the same. The relationship with the Divine is itself on a different footing.

So really... (Mother gestures to indicate that she does not know).

My shelter, my lifelong shelter, which helped me get through everything, seems to be gone. Now... it's no longer the same. Now, that, too, has to be surpassed. (Mother shakes her head and raises her arms as if to say: but how?)

(Mother plunges in)

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