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The Mother


Volume 13

July 1, 1972

Do you like patience?

(Mother hands Satprem her garland of “Patience”)

Yes, one needs it, it seems.

What would you like to tell me?

Have you found the new attitude?

I don't know.

I am no longer the same person, I don't know.

All, absolutely all the reactions are new. But I don't find the.... My only impression is that of CLINGING to the Divine every minute of the day. It's the only way out.

That's how the body functions.

The body's experience is that without the Divine, it would... crumble.

That's all.

It has in fact a growing sense of nonexistence – of the absence of a separate individuality (Mother touches the skin of her hands).

But it is well aware that this is only a transitional consciousness – what will be the ultimate consciousness? I don't know.


For example, the body asks the Divine, “Give me consciousness.” And there's a kind of answer (a wordless answer): “Not yet, you would no longer want to live separated.” Like that. If the body enjoyed the complete consciousness of the divine Presence, it would no longer want, no longer want the separate consciousness.

Obviously, there's still a lot of progress to be made.


Nothing to ask?

I don't like to speak.

Yes, Mother.

What's left of the personal consciousness feels so stupid!... But when I am like this (gesture, immobile in the Lord)... then, it's nice.

(Mother plunges in)

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