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The Mother


Volume 13

July 15, 1972

Do you have something?

No, nothing in particular, except that it's difficult.

No questions?

It's difficult.


I had some things for you (Mother feels the objects on the table near her), it was in an envelope.

“One must not confuse a religious teaching and a spiritual teaching. Religious teaching belongs to the past and stops all progress, spiritual teaching is the teaching of the future. It enlightens the consciousness and prepares it for the future realization.

A spiritual teaching is above religions and strives towards a total truth. It teaches us to come into direct contact with the Divine.”

It's for a lady who came from I don't know where and wanted to teach in a parochial school. So I replied with that.

There's also the message you gave All India Radio for August 15:

“The message from Sri Aurobindo is a sunshine radiating over the future.”1

And for the darshan here [of August 151, do you have a message?

(after a silence)

I could say:

“Sri Aurobindo's message radiates over the future like an immortal sun.”2


You have nothing?

Last time, you spoke of the difference between life and death. In other words, life is no longer the way it was, but death neither ...


(with a gesture Mother dismisses the question)

I'd like to LIVE like that.... I don't know.

(Mother plunges in a long time then comes back)

“Sri Aurobindo's message is an immortal sunlight radiating over the future.”3

That's right. That's much better.

(Mother plunges in again till the end)


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2 Original English.


3 Original English.









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