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The Mother


Volume 13

August 16, 1972

(Today is the day after Sri Aurobindo's centenary. Hordes of people line up in Mother's corridors.)

This morning I am seeing two hundred people... two hundred!

How was it yesterday?

I'd rather not say anything because....

According to what I had heard before,1 according to that, it was a big victory. But nothing was visible. I didn't say anything to anybody. Even so, several people felt it was the beginning of something.

It's a long story.... Some adverse forces had banded together and decided that I was going to die yesterday. And it was true, it happened, there was an attack. In that sense a real victory took place at the balcony. But it was invisible.

Now if this... (what's the word?) this “news” is true, if it continues to be true, I should last till... I'll be this way (gesture in suspense or between two positions) till my centenary, that is, 1978, then (still assuming this voice is true), the supramental transformation of the body will begin.

Is it true? I have no idea. That's what I was told.

I have no idea.

I am like this (hands offered upward).


Can my body follow? That's the question.

My body is constantly like this (same gesture): what You will, Lord, what You will.... But it must nevertheless undergo a transformation.

And you, what did you feel yesterday?

I can't really say, Mother. There was too much turmoil in the atmosphere.2

Oh, yes!

Difficult to say.... Sri Aurobindo's Presence, of course.

Oh, yes! Ohh, very strongly....

(long silence)

I am like this (same gesture, hands open).

(Mother plunges in
one can hear the humming of
the crowd outside and loudspeakers)

They told me I had to see two hundred people this morning – two hundred. This morning.

Thank God you exist, Mother!

Mon petit... (Mother takes Satprem's hands).

Next month it'll be better, we'll have more peace.

We'll have more peace....


1 Conversation of August 2 (the two rival “formations”).


2 Ten thousand people in a carnival atmosphere amidst incense sticks and stalls reminiscent of Lourdes. Not to mention the “embellishments” to the Samadhi, the “embellishments” to Sri Aurobindo's room, whose floor – where he had walked so much that he had left on it the imprint of his footsteps – has been covered with glue and blue linoleum.









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