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The Mother


Volume 13

August 19, 1972

(Mother looks very pale. She has just seen 175 people.)

What do you have to say?

And you, Mother? Would you say something?

I've just seen over a hundred people.

Yes, you're a bit tired.

Not tired, it's... dazed, you know.

I am not saying anything.

But if you have something to ask?

You should rest a little, Mother.

I'll rest. But go on and ask me if you have something.

I have a feeling I am not making the right movement inwardly. I'm not going at it the right way.

Ah!... You're too active.

If you could simply.... More and more I feel that unless one does this (Mother opens her hands upwards in a gesture of surrender), and leaves it all to the divine Grace, with an INTENSE faith... it's just... impossible.

Like this (same gesture).

(Mother plunges in then opens her eyes wide and looks at Satprem. The contemplation goes on, eyes open, unblinking.)

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