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The Mother


Volume 13

August 26, 1972

Soup! (laughing) A rare thing nowadays (laughter).

(Mother hands Satprem a packet of soup and some flowers)

How are you?

Quite well, quite well!

Not too harassed?

Ohh, it's frightful... 150 to 200 people every day – 200 people every day.

The only days when it's less are your days.

Oh, is it!

(Mother sits gazing for a long time)

Nothing to ask?

What do you see, Mother?

(after a silence)

I feel like saying (smiling): nothing! Nothing, I see nothing.... There's no longer “something that sees,” but I Am, I am a myriad things.

I live a myriad things.

There are so, so many – so many – that it's like nothing!... I don't know how to say it.


(long silence)

The body is becoming aware of the Force passing through, like this (gesture through the fingers).

Like this (same gesture).

Do you feel it?

Yes! Oh yes, of course!

(Mother plunges in)

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