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The Mother


Volume 13

September 13, 1972

I wrote this the other day (Mother holds a piece of paper), and Z told me, “Oh, this would be good for the New Year!” But it's in English.... Can you read it?

“When you are conscious of the whole world at the same time, then you can become conscious of the Divine.”

My idea is not that being conscious of the world automatically makes you conscious of the Divine, but when your consciousness is vast enough to see and be conscious of the whole world, then you become capable of....

How can I say it?... I don't want to be too specific. I mean I want each one to understand according to his capacity – you follow? Do you follow what I mean?

Yes, yes, Mother!

A person with a superficial consciousness will understand in that way, but one with a deeper consciousness will understand the real meaning.

Now I'll put it in French (Mother dictates):

Quand vous devenez conscient du monde tout entier en meme temps, alors vous etes capable d'etre conscient du Divin.

Is it all right?

Yes, Mother, but “alors” [=then] isn't necessary: “Quand vous devenez conscient du monde tout entier en meme temps, vous etes capable d'etre conscient du Divin.”

I purposely put “alors” [then] because otherwise it would mean that by becoming conscious of the whole world, you automatically become conscious of the Divine – which isn't true. It's but one aspect of the Divine. That's why I put “alors.”

All right?

Yes, yes, Mother. But if you read it literally, it means you have to be conscious of the whole world ... order to be capable of becoming conscious of the Divine. That's the idea. But I don't want to put it in those terms, you see. I want each one to...

... to understand in his own way, from his own particular level.

Yes, because as the Work progresses, true consciousness develops – but I don't want to say that.

But is it in good French?

Yes, yes, it's fine! It's very good! [laughter]


And what about your own progress?

Well, I very much wonder!

(Mother laughs) Same here!


But it's an incredible situation, you know: either true consciousness or the sensation of an impending and general danger. Everything – eating, taking a bath – is a danger, you see. The only thing that's... (Mother opens her arms and hands in a gesture of contemplative abandon).

Except resting, at least up to now – resting is nice: it's relaxation in the Divine. Both are nice: resting and silence – immobility (provided my body's position doesn't hurt too much), then I think I could stay like that for centuries. Just being employed in... (What should I say? No work is involved): just letting the Divine go through me, through this body. More and more, when someone is here, in silence, it's... (gesture indicating the Force flowing through Mother) to reach the point where there's nothing but the Divine.

Those two things are very good. The most difficult thing of all is eating. There's... no, neither disgust, nor dislike, nor anything of the kind (no sensations are involved): a physical impossibility.

A real problem. Something to be found – but what?

I hope you haven't got that problem?

Not for eating, no! But it looks as if progress means becoming constantly aware of everything that's not good ...

Yes, yes.

... everything that goes wrong or is defective.

Yes, yes, that's exactly it!

But then it's terribly negative, a drudgery.

Yes, but don't you...? (gesture of interiorization) Do you sleep at night?

Badly, not well.

Me, I don't sleep at all anymore, but it's... it's marvelous! The only marvelous moment (immobile gesture, arms and hands open in total surrender). It's absolutely like bathing in the Lord, you know: like this (same gesture). There's no active sensation, no... nothing. Nothing. Nothing but... a luminous peace.

This is certainly what will eventually replace sleep. Sleep, the fall into unconsciousness we call sleep, will disappear and be replaced by (same gesture, arms open, smiling).

For the body, it's... we could say, bathing in the Lord.

There's not even a trace, not the faintest sensation of an individual person – utterly gone. It's a STATE of consciousness.

A state of consciousness.

(Mother plunges in, her arms and hands open)

in French

in German