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The Mother


Volume 13

September 16, 1972

Here's a “Grace” – for both of you.

(Mother gives a white hibiscus)

I had a practical question to ask you.... A thought occurred to me, and Id like to know how you consider it. Two or three years ago, I sent my book, “The Sannyasin,” to Europe; I asked P.L. to try to find a publisher for it in Europe. Now it's in the hands of “Auropress.” When I sent it to Europe, P.L. asked me, “What terms do you have in mind for the book?” I wrote him what came to me at the time: “This book belongs to India, I owe it to India, and if it generates any profit, that money belongs to India.” But in Europe they didn't want it, and now it's in the hands of Auropress. So the financial question arose again: where will the profits go? Naturally my immediate reaction was: “All the money must go to Mother, it belongs to Mother.” Then, my old thought about India came back: “This book must go to India, the profits belong to India.” So, Id like to know if this idea has any sound basis, or should I just leave it the way we normally do, that is, all the money from the book will be given to you?


Naturally, I make no distinction between you and India....

Yes, yes! That's what I thought (laughter).

Evidently. Also, I am sure you will use the money much better than the government people possibly could ...

Oh, indeed!

Without any doubt. But since that thought crossed my mind, I wanted to put it to you.

Well, I can't say, but it seems to me that... I am the best representative!1

Yes, Mother, undoubtedly!


How is P.L.?

No news.

(Mother goes into contemplation)


1 The money simply ended up in the pockets of the manager of Auropress. From all sides they swindled. It is frightful.









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