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The Mother


Volume 13

September 20, 1972

(Satprem's eyes are still in poor condition.)

So, what about your eyes?

And you, how are you?

Me... the consciousness is progressing.

(Satprem rests his head on Mother's knees.
She puts her left hand over his right eye.)

If you could stop everything for ten days... don't use your eyes to read or write – not look at anything, just use your eyes to see what's indispensable, to eat or move about. I don't know, there's a kind of automatic vision that isn't tiring. It's when you “look” at something that it tires you. I wish you had ten whole days of that automatic vision.

You are now my eyes for the work, you understand, so you must keep them in good condition. Myself, I see everything... through a sort of veil. But I've gained a new perception for it. I don't see in quite the same way; it's as if I saw more inside, I don't know how to explain it. That's increasing. Growing. But it takes long, so long....

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