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The Mother


Volume 13

September 30, 1972

I've found a very interesting quotation from Sri Aurobindo.

What is it?

This one:

“The principle of mechanical repetition is very strong in the material nature, so strong that it makes one easily think that it is incurable. That, however, is only a trick of the forces of this material inconscience; it is by creating this impression that they try to endure. If, on the contrary, you remain firm, refuse to be depressed or discouraged and, even in the moment of attack, affirm the certainty of eventual victory, the victory itself will come much more easily and sooner.”

Letters on Yoga, XXIV.1336

Oh, this is very, very, VERY good! Oh, it's excellent!

(Laughing) It's perfect for you!1


What's difficult is keeping the consciousness stable.

(Mother approves vigorously)

The minute you stop being active, it's very easy: everything becomes still and concentrated – the Force flows. But the moment you return to some activity, it all goes away.

(Mother nods vigorously)

I don't know what kind of power, or inner opening, would bring that automatic stability?

In my case, you see, it was a radical action: the mind and vital were simply gone. Therefore the body had to re-create little by little a new mental and vital activity. And it's very interesting, because it happened only when it was needed. So naturally, it's not perfect – speech mainly. That's the most bothersome, for I have trouble expressing myself; but the rest, oh!... (pointing to the silent forehead, then arms outstretched and motionless, as if everything were suspended in the immutable Eternal). As soon as it's like that, it becomes VAST, luminous, tranquil....

And time no longer counts.

(Mother plunges in until the end)

You must rest until you are cured – completely cured.


1 Mother is alluding in particular to Satprem's eye troubles.









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