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The Mother


Volume 13

October 7, 1972

And your eyes?

I can't stop the work; everything is programmed I'm not worried ...

(Satprem reads to Mother some passages from the conversation of August 30 for the next “Notes On the Way.”)

That's all?

Will it do, Mother?... I've cut quite a few things out, but do you think what's left is all right?

It's very personal.

I've cut a lot already; but, you see, if you remove all the personal parts, nothing much remains....

(Laughing) Nothing at all remains!

For instance, when I answer your question about whether I still use the thinking process, I don't consider myself a “person,” I'm simply a human “representative” whose answer may enlighten others. It may help other people.

Oh, certainly!

But that's all I have for the Bulletin, I have nothing else.

It's enough! The November issue is always thinner anyway.

Yes, but also you don't say much. You haven't spoken much about your experience lately.

I can't speak.

Besides, I have nothing to say.


What's here is just.... It's like this (gesture of offering, hands open). Truly that's how it is, I have nothing to say.

A possible formulation would be: constantly, constantly as if on one hand I were telling the Lord, “What do You want me to do?”, and on the other hand....

eyes closed, hands opened in total surrender)

Yes, like that.

The sensation is one of being as... as transparent and impersonal as possible so the Divine can pass through and act. And here (pointing to the forehead), it's completely silent... just this (gesture, hands open and immobile). That's all. My whole life is that way.

The more the body is able to do this (same gesture), the better its conditions of life. Truly. I mean ...“solicitude” isn't the word, we would need a special word .... In English, I could say: The care the Divine takes of my body... (you understand?) is... beyond all description. And above all beyond all the body's physical shortcomings.

There you are.

But all words belittle – they belittle ridiculously.

I'd like to stop talking.


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